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Hello all,

I need some help. My wife and I are trying to buy a house. My credit score is very low(TU - 503, EQ - 525 and EX - 565). I have contacted Lexington Law and they are helping me try to raise my score by removing stuff from my credit. Is there anything else I can do. I have opened 3 small loans($250 each), a secured loan from my bank($2000) and I have a current car note in my name. I am just at a loss. I don't know how to get my score up. Anyone have any advice?

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It's going to take awhile for your credit scores to increase, and it seems you are on the right path.

Lexington Law? - credit repair company? - As myself, I would read these boards and do my own credit repair. You do learn a lot and this can only help you, but to each his own.

Credit scores these days for a house need to be around 660+. Good luck with everything!

Continue to stay current with all of your loans and payments.

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I really don't recommend using Lexington or any other credit repair company.

They are not watching out for your best interest. They just go in and dispute for deletion on every single negative.

Some negatives can be converted to positive again. Like late payments 30/60 days late. You could instead be writing a letter to the creditor asking forgiveness and reconsideration of reporting the negative. If they find it in the way to show the account pays as agreed instead of late.

I figure also the credit repair company is stealing money from you that might better be used to negotiate payment for deletion. It is always better if you can get the creditor to delete.

Just because an item gets deleted, does not mean it can't be added back again, if the creditor or collection agency notices it is gone. If they reinsert it the credit reporting agency is required to notify you of reinsertion with in 5 business days other wise you can write back pointing out the credit reporting agencies failure to notify you and insist on deletion for good that way.

Plus if you learn this stuff yourself, knowledge is power, you would have a more invested interest in taking care of your credit, to learn how to approach doing things next time.

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