Collection methods to locate consumers

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Someone reminded me on this subject tonight, so I thought I would come here and share information on the topic of Skip Tracing.

Consumers using opt-out to try to skit the collection agencies - I want to disagree with this tactic.

Pre-solicitation is when a creditor asks the credit reporting agency for a mailing list, and they set criteria like a specific zip code, they may even ask for a group of people falling under a certain score range, and they may even ask the credit reporting agency to find all consumers they know to own a home. That is how people get them refinance offers in the mail.

Well my point is I really don't think collection agencies can benefit from this, it is too general, I don't think the credit reporting agency is going to hunt down consumers just by their social security number and such. And if the collection agency set parameters like say a bank would to obtain a mailing list it is going to pull in more people then what the collection agency is trying to get.

My point really is that the collection agencies have access to other products:

Social Search - if the collection agency types in the consumers social security number this will pull up all known addresses on the consumer, the date the addresses were reported, the name of the company that reported it, and the contact address & number for that reporting company.

There is also Subscriber can not locate tag. This usually shows on the creditor / collection agencies obtained reports as SCNL - this means that any new creditors pulling reports on this person see the tag, they are expected to immediately call that company looking for the consumer and report their new address they used to apply with them.

Another thing if the collection agency does not want to wait on a creditor to call them with this information, they can tell the credit reporting agencies to just send them an e-mail notification as soon as a new address gets reported to the credit report.

It is a good idea if you have debt you can not pay, and you are trying to wait out the statute of limitations to try to avoid getting sued, the only thing you have to do to stay hidden is "Don't pull your credit report or apply for new credit" until you are outside that SOL.

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