Dancing With The Stars

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Can you believe it Kate survived the elimination round on DWTS. She must have given each of her kids a phone and let them all vote. YUCK!!!!!

First night I was feeling some empathy for Kate. Despite her now canceled TLC show, she wasn't a performer. Dancing before a live audience, I thought she showed some moxie. However, watching the back and forth with her trainer/dance partner, she can go anytime and I won't ever miss her.

Now, as for Nicole Scherzinger, that girl got it goin' on.

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Can we still route for Buzz? That Nicole chick is good but she already dances and performs it's kind of like cheating. Kate is so uptight that you can see her partner doesn't like her because she is so difficult. I bet they are all wondering, "Why can't we all just get along?"8-)

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