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Yesterday my wife and I contacted a bank that we owe money to in regards to pay/settling the account. It shows on our credit bureau as a collection agency named CBSA. The guy at the bank told us we owe more than what is showing on the credit report. He also stated that they are not using this collection agency any longer. We contacted the collection agency to ask them to remove it. Immediately they tried to collect on it asking us to PIF. We advised them by telephone that this amount was innacurate and asked them to remove it. She said they don't remove it. We told her per the FCRA that if the item is showing on the credit that they have to remove it from our credit. She said she would contact the bank and asked for our phone number to call us back.

My question is... what is our next step? The bank is no longer using the collection agency. The collection agency has reported it on our credit. By them reporting innacurate info how do I get it off of our credit?

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