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Let it be or try to fix?


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I've been a member of this forum for a little while and I'm back to finish what I started. My first question is should I leave some of the collections on my CR alone? Here are a few examples:

Cap One - $542

Estimated date of removal - 9/11

First Premier - $477

Estimated date of removal - 9/11

Midland - $2246

Estimated date of removal - 7/12

I think I should leave the first two alone and wait for it to fall off.

As for the Midland entry, it's an old Verizon bill. The estimated date of removal is the same as what Verizon had listed back when they were reporting. I've since had Verizon's entry removed successfully. What I can't tell is what the DOFD according to what's reported on TU. Should I let that one go too?

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