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repo from 6 years ago still haunting credit report.

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I am helping a friend out with her credit issues.

She had a car back in 2003 she lost her job and let the car go back to J D Byryder, CNAC.

They repoed the car sold it at auction and reported it to her cr.

This is the only big issue on her cr we got the others deleted.

They did not give a redemption period letter, date of auction, or a deficiency letter. She called them and they sent her the paper work. The ca, CNAC, is telling her that since she called and they sent her the right paper work that there is nothing she can do. They have never tried to collect any of the deficiency, no court no ca calls nothing just stuck it on her report.

I have a plan but not sure she wants to go the court route. I cant represent her as I do not have my attorney license yet.

I am just throwing this out to the members to get some input and ideas.

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