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Objection to Complaint?

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My wife was served about a month ago by a local lawyer. I responded Pro se to the complaint within the allotted time frame.

Fia Card services is the Plaintiff.

Today I received a Scheduling Order from District Court ( Cumberland County, Maine)

My question is

Is this the time to begin discovery? or would should I file a Objection to Complaint? The original complaint had no information or fact in it. I have never seen or been told of a ledger or breakdown of the alleged debt in dealing with the pre lawsuit collection attempts or the letters from the Plaintiffs attorneys.

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It is reasonable to believe once you've paid your fee to make your first appearance, ie you've filed your answer you should be able to begin discovery.

Your question about objecting to the original complaint should be raised to an attorney licensed in your state. As a practical matter I'd suggest you do these 2 things first and foremost.

1. do research on the jerks suing you. how many cases, the results of each case, any attorneys representing defendants,(this tells you how strong your opponent is)

2. if number 1 above lists any defendant attorneys-call and discuss your case. "if they want you to settle the case instead of fighting-Why would you pay them a damn dime?) attorney that says settle or pay them isn't a trial litigator. screw paying anything. you pay when you have too and other than your uncle SAM not many jerks can actually make you pay if youre willing to come heavy.


so you'll do court research. you'll find attorneys in your local area. you'll send over discovery. you might want to talk to clerks at the court. they are usually good people who might be offended by the volume of collection suits if that is what is happeing in your area.

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