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What Next? Insufficient proof provided

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According to my credit report, I have a charge off credit card account from WaMu (never had a CC with WAMU). It says it was sold. I have an entry from Arrow Financial with data that matches that WAMU account. Over the past 2-3 years i've received letters from CA's attepting to colllect on behalf of Arrow. I've always sent DV and they go away. Every 4-6 months i go through the same with someone else they send after me. Its a vicious circle.

This time its a little different. I received a letter from a Law Firm that is literally a few blocks from my home trying to collect on behalf of Arrow. This has me nervous because i'm thinking they may want to sue. I sent them a DV and two months later they respond and attach a letter from Arrow that basically gives info that is cut and paste directly from my credit report.

What gives? This doesnt tell me anything that i dont already know. I was at least expecting something from the OC. Maybe they are trying to trink me into think they have nothing and get me later?

Any ideas on a next step? Do I send them a letter stating that i want more information? Do i just ignore it. I really dont want to go through a lawsuit. not becasue i cant pay what they sayy I owe but because all teh fees the court woudl tack on if i lost

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Only you can make a logical decision about your next step, because you have information that we don't. For example, how soon before the Statute of Limitations runs out for your state? You say you never had a CC with WAMU, but is there another account you know you defaulted on that you can match up with this account, that may have been acquired by WAMU through merger?

Whatever the answers, I don't think they are trying to trick you into thinking they have nothing in order to get you later. It's in their best interests to get you to pay without going to court, as that's additional time and expense for them. I suspect they just sent you "something" so that they can claim they responded to your DV requests and are entitled to resume collection activities.

I think you already know your options, and like I said, you have make the call, but I'll lay them out.

Option 1.

Ignore them. If you never hear from them again, fine. If they start to call you again, you may need to try another option.

Option 2.

Write to them and tell them that you have no recollection of this account, and the information they sent you is insufficient for you to figure out what's going on. So until they do, there's nothing more you can do.

Option 3.

The nuclear option. Write and tell them that the information they sent you is insufficient for you to work toward a resolution of this matter, so you consider this matter closed, and they are not to contact you again. Probably best to save this until the SoL has expired, since their only option after getting this letter is to sue if they want to pursue this.

Good luck.


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#2 it is. I'm pretty sure its mine since I remember three charge offs and i have three collections on my CR. I don't really trust the amounts though. The letter they first sent listed my balance around $1300 but the proof they submitted says its $2000. I don't think they even know how much I allegedy owe

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