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JDB's lawyer responds to validation letter with Inetrrogatories

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Could not find answer to this on the forums, maybe someone can help?

I received a summons from JDB's attorney stating I owe their client (who is not the original creditor)the plaintiff a debt that was in default! I had 20 days to respond, I sent a letter for validation. A few weeks ago I received in response to that letter from the attorney, Plaintiffs first requests to admit, Interrogatories, and request for production of documents, for which I have 30 days to respond!

Does this mean they can't come up with the proper documents I asked for under FDCPA's 15 USC 1629g sec. 809 (B) in my letter to validate?

Is this just a scare tactic? What do I do next? need help!:confused:


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You need to file an answer to the complaint before your 20 days are up or they will get a default judgment. You probably should have done the debt validation before they sued you (if you received a dunning letter.) If you didn't receive a dunning letter...check with FlaLawyer for advice.

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