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Promo Offer for starting a new checking account - USAA

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I signed on with USAA last December, after they repeatedly told me by phone that I had $100 coming "in a few months" after I had my direct deposit done.

Finally, I pinned them down in a couple of emails on their site, that they would deposit the $100 on April 30. It never happened.

When I called them, they transfered me to the CEO's office, who would not admit they owed me these funds! They just double talked around on it. They KNOW I have emails stating otherwise.

I told them I was going to report them to the Office of Thrift Supervision and the BBB. They didn't care.

They advertise that their customers are more important than their profits on their website yet it has been as though they blacklisted me, when I complained about their auto insurance.

I don't mind making these complaints but I just really need the $100 ASAP now and they know it (I'm on social security disability). What can I do?

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Guest imported_Been_Ponzied

OK, they finally gave it to me after I had to threaten them with the office of thrift supervision, but take this as a warning: USAA _punishes_ you for things you will never find out; if you made complaints to them, etc. !!!

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