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Debt Validation and Compliance

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Months ago I did a DV with a collection agency for a very small debt. It was 200 dollars at the time, it is now up to 400 dollars.

The original credit card was with a store called Hudson's. The card changed to Macy's when they were bought out, then to Marshall Fields. I had this card for almost 28 years.

Marshall Fields kept saying I owed them 150 bucks then they upped it to 200, now it's up to 400.

I did a DV and asked for copies of all statements and copies of the agreement and such, the standard DV.

Today I got a copy of five staments, the last five they sent back in 2009. They called this their debt verification.

What do I do now?

I was thinking I should send a letter telling them they are in violation because they did not include copies of statements and the agreement I signed with them, which I never did sign an agreement with them...................

I'm sure this has happened to others I just haven't had time to go read. Is there an outline someplace of what to say in this letter? What they sent was NOT verification of anything. They didn't send anything on licensing or bonding either.

Any help is welcome. These people are annoying.

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I just noticed one more thing too. This letter was dated April 19th on the letter head, but wasn't even sent until April 30th. Seems like if I have a time line I should get from the time it was received.

Just thought that was interesting.

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You have to find the time to read in order to learn how to do stuff. To me, the simple statements do not prove that the debt is yours, that they have the right to collect on it or anything else for that matter. There are samples on the site of what to say in a DV letter. Do you have proof you sent the letter? You must CMRRR.

If they are harassing you with phone calls, you can do a few things. You could turn the ringer off but if they are a CA and not an OC, you could answer the phone and act dumb, get them to state their name and who they are what they're calling about, tell them that it is inconvenient to call you at any time and then hang up. To do this, you need to record the call and to record without their permission, you need to be living in a one party state. In AZ we are a one party state so they do not need to know that they are being recorded. Once you hang up on them, they may put in their records that it was a hang up call and will call again. Then you document and start counting vios. Keep good records, document, document, document. Good luck VBC;)

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