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PROOF of Addres From TU


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Hello all,

I had pulled an online credit report from TU back in late March, and disputed (online) a tradeline from a JDB (for a utility co. in wisconsin) that I never had business to do with as I never lived in wisconsin.

the dispute came back verified by TU.

I sent (CMRR) a request or Method of Verification of this debt and have received a standard form letter from TU asking for proof of Current mailing Address. In the body of this letter reads "We have received (I believe the MOD letter) your request and are in the process of investigating the information which you disputed. However the address you provided (I fixed my current address online) is not listed in our records. In order to notify you of our investigation results at the current mailing address you provided, proof is required.

this letter goes on asking or copies of qualifying documents. i.e. drivers license, bank statements, utility bill, etc.

My question is, is this normal or a reply regarding a request for MOD?

Im new at this and am not looking to leave any stone unturned.

Thank you

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