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What does garnishment advanced from date and dismissed mean?

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Hi everyone,

I had a default judgment against me from cap 1 in August 2008, which I did not know about. The case was filed in Richmond but I live in northern virginia. I had a garnishment against me at work, that was how I found out and the hearing date is 5/13. I filed for homestead exemption in northern virginia and faxed it to Richmond. I called today to find out if the fax had been received but the clerk at the court told me that the money was being returned to my employer, which was a surprise. She also said I did not have to show up for the hearing next week. Should I believe her? I asked for a copy of the release. On it it says Garnishement Advanced from the hearing date and Dismissed. I could not call the court to find out what that meant because they were closed by the time I received the fax. What does that mean?

Found this site by accident about a month ago, I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from the posts. Thanks for your help


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