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Dismissed with prejudice - ex-parte?

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Hi all,

I was just checking the status of the case filed against me in superior court. I had noted last week that the plaintiff had filed a motion to dismissed, but it didn't appear to have been calendared.

So today I check, the the docket says order of dismissal with prejudice. And the entry under that has ex-parte action with order.

Can I take this as being fair, good, or great news? Or none of the above?

I'm thinking it means great news, but if in fact I got a dismissal with prejudice, can the plaintiff come back later and say oops, that's not what we meant?

I have received nothin in the mail about the motion to dismiss or anything following that as of yet.

Thanks for your inputs!


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Great news for you.

You should get a certified copy of the order of dismissal. If the item appears on any of your credit reports, you should send a copy of the dismissal to them and demand it be removed pronto.

Have a great weekend.

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