Great business opp ... if you're a crook

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Troofer said:

I'm having a slight twinge of regret now about the time I Xeroxed my a--.

As long as you didn't have your medical records, financial records, insurance records or school records, all with SS#, printed on your a--, you ought to be OK.

Assuming, of course, that you don't have a famous a-- and someone recognizes it.

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I've never heard of booty theft, but who knows.:oops:

Lots of stuff stores information whether we want it to or not. The security cameras at our local gas station were used to figure out peoples pin numbers when customers were using pay at the pump.


There was also a waiter at our favorite sushi restaurant that was using his cellphone to take pictures of credit cards (front and back) and then was buying items online with the card info...

This is why you check your credit report frequently and go over your bank statements.

Way back in the day I had my purse stolen, then became a victim of ID theft, it was horrible and trying to get it fixed is nearly impossible.


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My mom, who lives near Sioux Falls, SD, recently had some mail returned to her. A postal worker was stealing mail for awhile. The Easter cards she had returned to her were from 2008. The guy had a warehouse in another city where he would take the stolen mail. He apparently was stealing cash out of greeting cards and Lord only knows what else. Both my mom and my grandma got items they had mailed back within the last few days, after this man was caught. Creepy. When a person really thinks about all the ways we are vulnerable to these types of theft of our info. it's almost too much to wrap your head around.

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