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10 things found in a . . .

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Post 10 things found in the category selected. Whoever posts the 10th answer, starts the next category.

1 answer per post only and wait till someone else posts before you can post again.

Just copy and paste and then add your answer. xdancex

10 things found in a.....


1. Hay










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Awww, come on . . . I'm being #10 to answer, so will again pick the new topic. Are y'all afraid of topic picking? 8-) Next round, some brave soul answer #10 and then start us off with the new one! You can do it! xdancex

10 things found in . . .

A car's glove compartment

1. Insurance cards

2. Vehicle Owner's manual

3. Maps

4. Sunglasses


6. Parking tickets (Not mine, of course . . . hee hee!)

7. condoms

8. Ex Gf # J/k Pen or pencils

9. That sock I lost in 1987

10.Tire pressure gauge

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