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Ok - I have had some reasonable people write me and tell me that they really wanted to continue to have this forum open again and not moderated.

This FORUM is once again not moderated. However there are new rules. Repeated Violations of these Rules are banning offences. And please report people who are not following the rules. You can do this anonymously by hitting the "report post" button on the upper right of each post.

We have rules about no political discussions - add these "no-no"s to your lists.

You can't say the following things in your posts:

1. Telling people to use Debt Validation if they've been notified about being sued. Sorry - but we've discussed this to death and this is not a valid tool when fighting court. If you send the mythical "DV arbitration" letter and get results - it's because they are listening to the arbitration language and not the debt validation language. This will not be tolerated in ANY way.

2. If your case gets stayed - you can't call it a win UNLESS:

a. the case is dismissed, arbitration is over and the terms favor you

- OR -'ve reached a settlement.

If you say it's a win in any other circumstance, you are wrong.

3. Making wild statements like "you can't win in court against an original creditor - arbitration is the only way to go" are NOT allowed. If you can't prove it (other than personal experience), don't post it.

4. Whining about these rules - or anything else that has happened on this arbitration forum. I don't want to sound rude, but if you don't like the rules of this forum - why are you here? Seriously, you can post elsewhere and receive a warm welcome. I'm really tired of trying to protect people from themselves.


1. You can share personal experiences

2. Offer advice with arbitration forms

3. Suggestions on how to handle AAA, JAMS and the like.

4. Case law - we want to see more of this, actually.

5. How to handle "regular" court case activities like filing answers, writing motions, etc.

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Here's the PM that got to me change my mind.

I want to be thoughtful regarding this PM always understanding that this site has rules, moderators and administrators. This is necessary so that there is an orderly exchange of ideas, thoughts and strategies to help folks in a time of stress in dealing with Credit Issues.

I will applaud you for continuing a site that apparently is time consuming to deal with and is costing personal wealth on a monthly basis. Quite frankly it has helped me greatly in learning in some facets of the collection process including dealing with law suits.

I offer this quote from yesterday’s frenzy in the Arbitration Forum from the Admin.

“I want the information to be complete and accurate. I am not against anyone in particular, but I recently received emails from people who lost via the arbitration method and for big bucks.”

We should all be realistic, if everyone sent you an e-mail regarding loosing a suit via arbitration or any other strategy you can find on this site or others the numbers would be staggering. The reason is, as most should know that frequent this site is that the game is stacked against us. You are certainly not going to post huge winning percentages reading from this site or any other attempting to learn in months what others have spent years doing.

I implore you would realize by now that the service that is really provided is HOPE! If you have the money you go to the local attorney and pay $2K-$4K for that same HOPE. Most of us don’t have that kind of dough, or we would have paid our bills and wouldn’t even know this site was here.

The desire for complete and accurate information is an unattainable goal for the subject matter that is dealt with on this site. What the site does well, better than others that I have found and use occasionally is point posters in a direction, where they may help themselves. After all if you were giving complete and accurate information you would be practicing law.

Shutting down the Arbitration Forum and calling for victories to be brought forward as evidence of worth is short sighted. A better way to have handled it would have been to use a similar disclaimer that is posted in RED LETTERS “USE AT YOUR PERIL” referenced in the Sample Motions section of the site. This would have allowed the folks, which are limited at this point due to change in contract language at the end of 2009, to continue the discussion.

Another idea would be to have created a template for folks to complete and then receive answers as the worth of Arbitration for their circumstance. I am facing 14 defaulted credit cards, lost 1, hired attorney on 1 (big $), and forcing arbitration on another as I wait for them to file suit.

So many people attempted to help you understand that Arbitration is not a magic wand rather another tool to use when circumstances were favorable. The fact that a number or large number viewed it as a Magic Wand, is there error for not reading more carefully, likely the same folks that want to file MTD because DV letter wasn’t answer. These folks are going to loose anyway, just a matter of time.

So to strike a compromise I would ask you to reconsider with the change or additional changes that you might employ, and invite all back to the Arbitration Forum. I would submit that a key point that should be made if you do allow it back in the RED LETTERS would be this “ Use at your Peril, Arbitration losses in most instances can’t be appealed in court and are final” or something to that affect. Get one of the Lawyers to help out on the wording.

Good Luck, tough day for all on the forum…..

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