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TU response to my "MOV" letter


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good evening all,

I have received a letter from TU (as a response to my "MOV" letter)

TU writes how they investigated my dispute (i.e., by mail, electronic means or telephone...") But they did not send me any documentation or transcripts of how the dispute was verified, for me to review, per my requests of April 23 and May 9, 2010.

Is there a way for me to get this information?

I sent by CMRRR a DV letter to the JDB on April 2, 2009 and still have not heard anything back from them yet. Is this as far as it goes or is there anything else I can try? By the way, this JDB bought this debt from an OC that I have never dealt with and I disputed the tradeline as "not mine" with TU but it came back verified.

Thank you very much

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