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Briskly shake

Tiff, to play the game you need to use the "last" word of the previous post and you have to wait for another member to post before you can post again so that each member will post off of another member's post.

In this case, I looked back and I was the last poster with the words, Briskly shake. You would need to start your words off with my last word, "shake" and then add another word. You could say anything like, "shake off" - "shake carelessly", etc., then the next poster would use your last word and put it down and then add another word to it, etc. :)++

BTW, glad to see a new member playing!! xdancex

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Maybe I'm not explaining this game too well! :roll:

Let me try again, please . . . xdancex

I say 2 words - like "Barn door". The next poster must use the last word of my 2 word phrase to make their two word phrase. In this instance, they would start with Door and then add a word - like Sweetcheeks did with "Door open". But then you have to wait for another poster to use your last word to begin their two word phrase. Another poster should come by and use "Open and then add a word . . . no posting back to back please - in other words, you can't use your own post to build another post, but rather wait for someone to build from your post - then you build from their post, etc.

So, let's start again - Sweetcheeks built from my post of "Barn door" to "Door open" - I'll build from that post . . .

"Open account" . . . now the next poster needs to use the word "account" as their first word and then add a second word to make their phrase . . . :)++

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