"Pretend Mortgage"

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OK s wait and see if she files within 20 day time frame.


What you and I spoke about the other night on the telephone, after I showed your loan note to our attorney. You need to get someone to represent you that knows what they are doing. Everything you have discussed so far indicates fraud, but if you do nothing, this could really turn into something that could be impossible to reverse later.

So you spoke to one attorney who's fee was $4000. Do you have to pay everything up front? Does he have a payment plan? Are there other attorneys around you, possibly cheaper?

Selecting the right type of attorney to help you is like looking for a doctor. You would not want to go to a foot doctor for a pair of eye glasses. Getting a pair of eye glasses from a foot Dr, you would only see two feet in front of you. On the other hand, if you went to an Eye doctor for a broken foot, you'd be hobbling the rest of your life.

Suggestion on finding someone knowledgeable, call up a local title company and ask "Who do you use for an attorney"?

Since you have over 2 weeks before she states she is going to take action. Use this time to see what is available to you, it will be easier. If you wait till they do something, you won't be as clear headed.


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