I thought AAA NAF and JAMS are not accepting arbitrations?

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NAF isn't accepting any more consumer arb. They can still do commercial arb. which doesn't apply to people here usually.

AAA will accept consumer arb only if the consumer initiates it. If creditor tries, it will be denied. AAA has reformed their consumer fairness standards to be closer to JAMS. They aren't as cost prohibitive as JAMS, however, and aren't mandated to award costs to non-consumer party, though they have been doing so more often as of late.

JAMS, while saying they don't accept initiation from the creditor, still does. However, under consumer fairness standards, consumer cost is $250, and most arb clauses say that the creditor will advance arb fees in good faith. Regardless of who initiates, creditor gets hit with an 800 initial bill, then a 2200 dollar supplementary bill before the initial meeting even starts. They don't pay this, they've just given you an affirmative defense if they try to bring action in court.

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It depends on the factors. OC or JDB? Approximate amount of the debt. Your willingness to file counterclaims.

No. You will not be billed for the initiation fees. JAMS can, at their discretion, bill you for some of the cost of the arbitration, but under their consumer fairness standards they don't. So as it stands, it's 250 from you period.

Search for MG05's posts on jams fees. He links to a pdf that shows private party (consumer) is almost never billed for Arb, unless they're up against another private party. And if you forego the streamlined rules and ask for comprehensive arb, the fee splitting provision doesn't exist as it does in streamlined arb.

all of this is verifiable on JAMS website.

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The use of arbitration by consumers to resolve credit card debt is still changing and in flux. Threads from six months ago are not as accurate as the latest threads. The credit card companies are trying to find ways to deal with this and the arbitration companies are trying to find ways to still make money while doing these.

The rules will likely continue to change as this unique window of opportunity closes.

To answer your second post. If you use JAMS, you cannot be charged the fees if you lose according to their consumer rules. The most you will have to pay for the arbitration is the $250.00. But you can still lose the case and need to pay the debt.

Using arbitration is usually more expensive for the creditor than local court. This is the reason for the success of the tactic. If the debt is large enough, that the fees are negligible, the creditor will likely pay. Some have even payed as a means to discourage other people for pursuing, so YMMV.

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