Is this a violation??

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I made two purchases from sears on a sears card. Both were 'no payments, no interest for a year'. 9 months after the purchases, citi sold the account to MCM, claiming that one of the purchases was not 'no payments' for a year and that I defaulted. I received letter from MCM. I DV'd them and wrote the attorney general asking for all references to this account be deleted since I included the reciepts that clearly showed that I shouldn't have been expected to make any payment for a year. AG recieved reply from citi stating that "I had made a few payments, then defaulted." A few weeks later, I recieved a letter from MCM stating that my account was 'transferred in error' and that it had been recalled by citi. I again wrote the AG- informing them of this development. He called the same person from citi who admitted that they did recall the account and that they were unsure as to whether they were going to try to collect on the account or sell it off again. Is this a violation of anything?? I am willing to pay on the account but I insist that negative reporting be deleted and citi is unwilling to do that. Thanks guys!!

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