Question about Statute of Limitations

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I have lived in 3 different states since the start of my credit indiscretions.

How does the statute of limitations apply in this scenario? Would it be the state in which the indiscretions started or the current one I am in? Started in AZ, then moved to NC now in FL.

Hopefully doesn't start over on each move? :shock:


edit: some of the cards were opened in FL.

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Under the FDCPA, they have their choice of where to sue...where the card was opened, or where you currently live. If they sue in the former, they have to domesticate the judgement to where you currently live to take any money. Their terms and conditions also usually say some thing like "all parties agree to be governed by the laws of the state of ....(usually DE or SD),"

So...nor real answer to this question, although usually they'll sue in the state in which you currently live.

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