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Repo/?SOl etc ( am I on the right track?)


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There is so much to read...hoping I’m on the right track

Just received one of my credit reports..questions

Part I

Charge OFF: I know that Charge Offs are next to impossible to remove from your credit report but I’m thinking of writing the OC anyway to see if they will drop the charge off from my report 2 years early. I don’t see any negatives to doing this (except waste of time and stamps). Figure it could stay the same or maybe get removed. Most of these bills were ones she was supposed to pay per the divorce.

Question #1 IS writing the OC charge -off a stupid thing to do?

Question #2 Should I have CR verify the charge off and see if this removes any of them?

Question #3 Do nothing and wait 2 years for the charge off to drop off?

Part II

While living Colorado, my wife and I bought a car. We later divorced, I moved to Texas, she stayed in Colorado. She got the car in the divorce and let it get repo-ed within three months after wrecking it. My divorce said she is responsible for the “balance due, including principle, interest, and all other charges , on the note given as part of the purchase price of and secured by a lien on the car.” (it didn’t say she had to refinance it). It was sold and it says the balance due is $9000. I have no idea when it was picked up or who bought it. Another thread on this subject said the date of drop off is from the date it was sold and not the usual 1st delinquency.???? .My estimate is 3/13

Question #4 What is the SOL on this car? Is it Colorado where I bought it and where it was repo-ed or is it Texas where I live? (Out of SOL for TX but have 2 years for CO)

Question #5 Should I leave this snake (repo) alone or wait until it’s past the Colorado SOL and sent the CO a copy of the divorce(showing that it is hers) so I can get it off a year earlier?

Part III

Collections: I have one JDB (Asset) that I’m going to CR verify, then DV and then negociate to pay off with no negatives ( drop date is 4/2013)

The other CAs say 'assigned on this date'.

Question #6 Does this mean (assigned) that the OC still owns the debt and is using the CA to collect?

Question #7 If the above answer is “yes” then I can still work with the OC and get a payment made which will remove the CA from my credit report? Right?

Hope I explained this Ok and I tried to make the questions easy to answer~thanks for being so helpful and patient with us newbies!!

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