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How to prove acct transferred to M Trust?

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I've been looking into this as well and found this in Discover's 2008 Annual Report:

"Our business activities are funded primarily through the process of asset securitization, the raising of

consumer deposits, and both secured and unsecured debt. In a credit card securitization, loan receivables are first

transferred to the securitization trust, from which beneficial interests are issued to investors. We continue to own

and service the accounts that generate the securitized loans."

That particular quote is on page 53 of the report.

Here's the website:


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That's not it. What I'm looking for was the statement that when the accounts are transferred to the trust they give up their rights to receivables And the right to file suit on that account. I have seen that document and it is consistent with the FDIC rules. I just can't find it again. It is in an 8k filing and is specific to cc accounts.

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