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i need to have a background check done and then sent to a company.

does anyone know of a reputable place to get a background check done? i dont care how much, i just want to get it done from a reliable source and have them send the results to this company im working with

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I just had a few of them done as part of my admittance to two state bars.

Your state police will do one for you. Or the FBI will do one for you. In my state (Pennsylvania), the state police background check was done online. I had my results in 10 minutes for $10. I printed it and it has the state police seal and signature on it.

The FBI one required being fingerprinted by the police and sent directly to their headquarters. It took 4 weeks and cost maybe $20 or so.

I had another state police background check done in NJ and that was no fun. It was $60 and it required fingerprinting by a state employee. I had my results in 5 business days.

There may be private companies that perform these services as well. But you may find it easier if your state police allow you to perform it online.

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I'm kinda surprised the company is having you do it. I mean, theoretically, a cousin with a computer could create a fake printed paper background check and send it off on fake letterhead.
My state bar examiner's office had me do it myself as well, so I guess it isn't that uncommon. The background check documentaton printed online with the state seal embedded in it, so I guess they figure it is good enough.
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