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What is a tradeline?

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Per experian's website:


Entry by a credit grantor to a consumer’s credit history maintained by a credit reporting agency. A tradeline describes the consumer’s account status and activity. Tradeline information includes names of companies where the applicant has accounts, dates accounts were opened, credit limits, types of accounts, balances owed and payment histories.

In other words, any account that is reported on your report - good or bad.

All negatives are bad - even one! (that's why they are "negatives")

If you are reading your report for the first time, I suggest you take a look at the positive TLs and make sure you keep them that way. Don't do anything that will turn them into negatives! (late or missed payments, defaulting, high balances, etc)

Then take a look at your negatives and start disputing. Read the Repair section of this site so you know just how to go about doing it.

Good luck!


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