EQ reporting incorrect account history?

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Is the "date closed" the same as the charge-off date? Eq continues to report (after many disputes), an "L" or charge-off on "Nov 2009". The problem is that account was closed by the grantor and written off on "Sept 2005". What's stranger is the progression of the account history. Which goes "4/05-1, 5/05-2, 6/05-3, 7/05-4, 8/05-4, 9/05-4, 10/05-4, then finally jumps to 11/09-L". Prior to this the account history was correct. It was after I made a dispute for another topic the history got so botched up. I asked the OC and they said the account was in fact charged off on 9/05. I also have UDF's from the OC that say the account was closed on this date. I've written to EQ and the OC but they continue to deny/ignore my dispute and correct the record? Any thoughts?

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