?? Sharing Income and Expense info. for FIA Settlement??

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I just began settlement negotiations with FIA Card Services, and they are insisting that I give them all of my income and expense information before they will discuss a settlement amount. They want all monthly income and all monthly expenses (mortgage/rent, food, utilities, gas, incidentals, etc.).

I have already settled with one company and am in negotiations with another and they have notasked for this information. FIA says they need this info. so they can, "justify settling this account to our share-holders."

They already know WAY too much about me. I don't want to give them any more information. I worry that it might be used against me in some way.

Two questions for the forum:

  • Has anyone else been asked to provide this type of info?
  • Is there any way they can independantly verify any of my financial information (other than what is on my credit report)?

Thank you for the help!

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The justify settling this account to our share-holders is undoubtable amiss, imo. Are you dealing with FIA are another party. If I were in your situation, I would say that after carefully examining my situation I can only pay this much and on this schedule; otherwise I see bankruptcy as my best option to pursue.

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I settled card with FIA earlier this year and don't remember them asking me for all that information. I would not share it with them. Just tell them what you can or cannot afford to settle on.

Other than credit report, I don't believe they can find out your bank info., or what assets you may own or salary.

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