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(me) DEFENDANT's Request for Admissions, Interrogatories

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I've read a whole lot of threads regarding the ANSWERING of a Junk Debt Buyers' AKA Plaintiff's Request for Admissions and Interrogatories. But where are some good suggestions for the Defendant's (aka me) Request for Admissions and Interrogatories?

I am looking to send a pre-emptive strike against a JDB's Atty here in GA (they've filed suit against me despite repeated requests to validate debt and a previous attempt at filing suit against me (which was dismissed without prejudice) Ive already done the request for production of documents this week. I have NOT received the Request for Admissions and Interrogatories from the plaintiff atty but from what im reading in these forums, i probably will soon. So, I wanna beat them to the punch!

Basically my objectives of these two things to is prove they had they have no legitimate proof to substantiate their claim against me and to continue to build my counterclaim against them for failing to validate and other FDC FCRA violations.

Any resources? Im in Georgia btw

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