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Law firm collectors on my CR......but have the wrong last name

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Noticed an aggressive (lawsuit assembly line) law firm reporting a small (<$500) account on my CR's.

Law firm is faxed a DV. DV has gone ignored, thus far.

Account disputed with CRA's. Law firm does not delete, but marks accounts 'in dispute' on CR's.

Received a dunning letter from law firm this week. However, they have the wrong last name (significantly different from my actual last name...doesn't even begin with the same letter).

I take their dunning letter as continued collection activity, and an FDCPA violation. Any reason to think otherwise?

What to do here? How long can they mark the account as 'in dispute', instead of deleting?

As I've mentioned, this law firm sues thousands of people each month in my state, but the balance is small. Should I fight (send an ITS) or lay low?

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