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Served by Midland

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Hello, new comer here. Figure I might as well post in here, in lieu of starting a new thread. I was recently served by midland fundings for some credit card debt. I found out about them apparently the same way most others did. I started getting calls from people wanting to take my case. I looked it up online and got their name, and through google found this delightful treasure trove of information.

I have a question I haven't seen addressed around here, and it has be at a bit of a loss. Through my clever use of google, I was given a good laugh over what I found out. It says in this summons I had hand delivered to my house that "Defendant, FIRST LASTNAME, is an individual, is sui juris, and a.." blah blah, the rest is unimportant. I had to look up Sui Juris, as I was not raised in ancient rome, and do not speak latin. Go figure, right? So..(Sorry, can't link to the wikipage, I'm new).. I look it upand find that awesome Wiki page. On the wiki page it describes Sui Juris: "In civil law the phrase sui juris indicates legal competence, the capacity to manage one’s own affairs..'.

So, instantly I have a good laugh. Competent? I have the capacity to manage my own affairs, in a business where the lexicon is in Latin? I'm no lawyer, I'm just a guy that makes copies, runs files, sends faxes, makes phone calls, and does all the other unimportant things that keep the business world running smoothly. I'm a thinker, not a scholar. So, my quandary is thus: Can I just tell these peoples to get lost, because they're assuming I'm some sort of big shot lawyer? They're representing themselves as a corporation with on staff attorneys, and are claiming I'm as prepared as they are to make my case?

Is there anything there I can work with, because it's insane to ask me to defend myself against a law school graduate, with years of daily experience in the courtroom. This seems like browbeating and bullying to me, and I don't much appreciate it.

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PM Received. I can not reply, as I have less than 15 posts so far. This is 2! I'm unsure what you mean by what you said. Is that what I am supposed to say to people on the phone, in court, by mail? Please Clarify, if you would be so kind.

Also, another note. I've never been through this before. I've no civil or criminal record, so this will be my first time standing before a judge, if there's a judge. I dunno if there's a judge, I think there is. Regardless, I am unafraid, but slightly worried. I'm going to refuse to sign all sorts of stuff, I hope.

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