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How about how to file your FIRST motion

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This in regards to a motion in a judgement against you from a collection agency. I need to take in front of judge to offer a payment with Kramer and Franks INSANE interest amount taken off....

!.) prepare a motion, get on motion docket(i wrote dictions so fast I'm so confused) how do I know how to write a motion......?

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I requested a Debtors request for hearing after receiving garnishment paperwork for (2) different bank accounts, mailed on same day. I wrote down in the exemption line "validation of debt, determine what I've already paid, original balance owed". The sedgwick county clerk for civil assignment let me write this here she said it was fine but any lawyer Ive talked to says these are not reasons for exemption, I know they aren't but trying to get to talk to these bloodksuckers or a judge I can't pay them if they won't return my call. Judgement since 2004

Been reading these posts for days but still behind trying to understand all....

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