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Should I DV my tax lien?

Huggy Bear

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I had a judgment filed against me by the state of MD in 2004 for Tax Year 1999 in the amount of approx: $5400. I wasn't liable for the total amount and the state accepted my offer in compromise, and it is now paid off, and I received a letter from the clerk stating that the lien is "satisfied."

The judgment still appears on all three CRs, although my Equifax report says the record is scheduled to come off 5/2011. None of the reports show the lien as "paid" or "satisfied."

I've read on this forum that judgments, regardless of their status, can stay on your report from 7-10 years following the last activity, i.e. the date it's paid.

My questions:

1. Should I DV this public record and have my reports reflect that it's paid and run the risk that it will re-age the record?

2. Does anyone know whether my credit score will improve if the record is updated to reflect that the lien is "satisfied"?

When it comes up, I always tell the inquirer that I can provide proof that it's satisfied, but I'm worried that with some credit-granting companies, I won't even get the opportunity to share that information, since I may not even make it through preliminary credit-worthiness tests.

Any info on the topic would be very helpful! I've found several threads relating to public records and, specifically, state tax liens, but could not find a straight answer to my questions.


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DV and old tax lien? useless. Did you send a copy of the letter or satisfaction notice to the CRA's? if you did and they do not change the status to satisfied then you have a cause for action and can file suit for will full non compliance. I had this happen. When I filed they changed it but I still pressed the suit. The response to sending them a copy of the satisfaction letter was "the evidence you supplied is not sufficient by our standards to warrant the correction." That in enough was enough for me to get a judgment and some cash.

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