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Question about removing 30 day lates


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I have three 30 day lates on my Credit Report from RoadLoans/Triad Financial who was bought out by Santander.

When going over payments and records I found out that the loan was still owned by RoadLoans/Triad Financial until 9-09

Both Roadloans and Santander are reporting to own the loan since 2006(which is when we obtained the loan)

Santander starts reporting payment info as of 7-09 which happens to be a late payment... from them not Roadloans.. I have a bank statement showing that I paid to Roadloans on 8-01-09(due date is the 20th of each month)

The next late payment is reported in 11-09 and 12-09 (until they updated it they said the lates were 10-09 and 11-09....)

That is reported only by Santander since Roadloans states "Closed/Transfered 9-09

I have a copy of Santanders statements as well as bank statements showing I paid on 12-10-09 (for Nov.20ths payment) and 1-6-09(for Dec. 20ths payment)

Yes these are late but they are NOT 30 day lates...

I can't get Santander OR the CRA's to fix this... Do you think submitting the info to the CRA's will make them fix it?

I hate dealing with Santander they are AWEFUL!! And short of writing to the BBB (which I had to do to get them to remove late fees from the change over when roadloans took the payment not santander) I don't think they even look at disputes.. In fact I know they don't because the last couple letters I have mailed went unanswered.. Although up until now they weren't required to respond I don't think since they are OC's

Has anyone ever been denied by the CRA's and then sent in some additional info and have them remove it?

Just wondering what would be the best way to take care of these since they are under a yr old they are really hurting.


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