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Attn for CC co not debt buyer claim - Do they have to be registered in AZ Fin

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Somewhere in this forum long ago I seem to recall finding that if even if an attorney if they are in the debt collection business they have to be registered with Arizona Dept of Financial Institutions.

The cc company is named as the Plaintiff but the attorney is with the large collection firm and is local office. And claims to be "attorney for Plaintiff"

I don't want to name them in case they monitor this forum for their name but its a well known debt collection company that often buys debt. But in this case they claim to be attorneys' for the cc company.

They are not listed as licensed in AZ but not clear if acting as attorney for CC co they have to be. Don't want to alert them to register if they should be but since its a huge cc collection company would think they would know if they have to. But was same company as I recall before long ago when the question was raised and someone believed they had to be.

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