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Missed arbitration - have to settle now?


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My head is spinning because:

1st - Plaintiff filed Order to Vacate Dismissal and Enter Judgement

2nd - Arbitration hearing was scheduled

3rd - Plaintiff was granted Order to Vacate Dismissal and Enter Default, Reason: "Unopposed"

4th - I filed a Motion to Vacate Default Judgement

5th - Arbitration hearing took place without me. I didn't go because the of the Order which to me meant the arbitration now would be void or at least postponed until the ruling on my Motion to Vacate Judgement.

6th - - I received Report of Award of Arbitrator(s) in the plaintiff's favor because "No defense was presented"

7th - The default entered was vacated by the judge as I requested in my motion

8th - I filed a "Motion to Request Permission to File Trail De Novo" because I was past the 30 days to file trial de novo (was told I was supposed to file an appeal instead which I found out later was not the case and had to file late as a result

Would there be any reason to settle with the plaintiff now before I receive a ruling on my request for late trial de novo?

Thank you

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