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Dealing with the OC


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I recently found out I had an old debt after a default judgment had already been awarded, and a writ of garnishment was sent to my parents house and my payroll dept. I called the OC (a bank) and spoke to the VP. He asked me to email him all the documents I had on the case and he would research it. He did, and emailed me statements and signature cards from the bank. I am pretty sure the debt is past the SOL, but the debt is mine and I have the money to pay it. Plus, if I wanted that to be my defense, I would have to go through court, which I don't have the money to do as that includes traveling to a different state.


The VP agreed (in writing) to rescind the legal action taken once payment is received. Does anyone have experience in dealing with an OC in a situation like this? I am not sure if they will expect me to pay what the bank says I owe, or the amount the lawyer said I owed (including court costs, lawyer fees, etc.). Does anyone have experience in a sutation like this?

I am still waiting to hear back from the VP on the amount as he was out of the office yesterday.

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