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Can you Call BULL*@#! on the court?

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Anyone seen history of the world, Mel Brooks? Here's my take on the Bull$*@! Artist Scene.

Dole Office Clerk - Occupation?

Comicus - Junk debt collector

Dole Office Clerk - What?

Comicus - Stand-up default judgment taker. I coalesce the vapors of human debt into a viable and meaningful check for my pocket, levied from your bank account.

Dole Office Clerk - Oh, a bull$*@! artist!

Comicus - Hmmmmmm...

Dole Office Clerk - Did you bull$*@! last week?

Comicus - No.

Dole Office Clerk - Did you try to bull$*@! last week?

Comicus - Yes!

So, I guessed they remembered that they couldn't get their cross-MSJ granted unless all the paperwork was properly docked with the court, so today I finally got the interrogs.

Can someone tell me, Is is it still called a motion to strike when you are trying to strike the entire interrogatories document as being executed wrong?

What happens when you have filed a MSJ, then the PLTF submits more evidence, and a cross MSJ, and Now I want to file a counterclaim for multiple FDCPA, and other violations for misrepresentation?

Can I still submit an amended answer and counterclaim?

What about how my MSJ, does not reference this "new evidence" submitted by the PLTF, Do I need to supplement or amend my MSJ if I am motioning to strike the "new evidence", and thus would be in no different position than original MSJ?

Is it getting hot in here? I am.:troll:

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