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Is there a list of class-actions anywhere on this site?

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I think a class action list would be very helpful for the members of this site, too.

Jackson, did you see the case where Cohen & Slamowitz was sanctioned by a NY Federal District Court Judge? Check out this link, 2nd reference down the page....


yes they've been spanked a few times in court. the judge basically said "the motion is so stupid i almost dont want to address it." 8-)

it was the funniest thing ever

"....... And if plaintiff had thereafter tried to sue on her state law claims in the New York State Supreme Court, arguing that the $1,000 Rule 68 offer applied only to her federal claim, I doubt very much whether defendant would have taken the position that she had any live claims left. Defendant’s mootness argument is, in a word, idiotic....."

".....Defendant’s motion is so patently meritless that it should never have been made. It has wasted the court’s time and wasted the time of counsel for Mrs. Shepherd. The court will award attorneys’ fees to plaintiff on this motion, as a sanction for its utter frivolousness. We will settle all matters relating to attorneys’ fees after the case has been tried, so plaintiff need not submit a fee affidavit relating only to this motion now....."

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