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Discovery... Dumb qquestion

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When you receive interrogatories, production and admissions

from a plaintiff do you actually answer them the same

as if you were answering a summons, utilizing the same form,

or can you answer on a plain piece of paper?

I have read that you can put your answers right on the pages

they send you by hand or scanning them into the PC and

typing them.

When you do your counter discovery request, do you

need to used a specific setup, or can these be more relaxed.

I have not been able to see an example anywhere.

IF... as the one suggested, you can just add the answer right after

the question, how would you handle this if you had form interog,

like California has.

I know this is a stupid question, but want to be correct about it.


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Usually you are required to repeat the interrog, RFA, etc. and then provide your answer below.

Like this:

1. Give your name and address.

Answer: My name is John Doe and my address is 123 Main St. . . .

Obviously this can be tedious to retype all this. But check your state's RCP. Some of them require discovery requests to be sent in electronic form in addition to on paper.

Even if it's not a requirement in the RCPs, you can request that the plaintiff provide it in electronic form, which they obviously have. By either email or on a disk.

And when you serve discovery on them (which you should), you should also send them in electronic format.

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