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Sequence of Events. Ideas?


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hey guys, I have been posting with this forum and found lots of help...what I want to do is fund out if I think of a right sequence of the events. I am being sued in TN, in General Sessions by OC, Sworn Denial, filed, now I also filed the motion to compel arb...however there is a small claims fees exeption in the contract, so I was told that I need to go ahead and file a counterclaim to remove it to Circuit court, I am not sure if I know how to do it, and also, can I do it after the trial that is set on 09/17...or I need to do it ASAP?

Also, if someone can tell me and pointed to some sample paperwork for counterclaim I'd appreciated. I will have 10 days to apeal looks like, so I am assuming that I can apeal to curcuit court, and then file motion to comple arb, but I will definately will like to hear some opinions here.


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