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So I have been disputing for three months now with Experian and a collection agency Equinox collection services. For these three months I have sent debt validation letters to equinox to no avail. I still have not received anything back from the collection agency to validate this debt. So of course I dispute with experian who claims that the collections agency has marked the account under dispute under the FCRA and that is all they have to do.

I've spoken with a manager at the collection agency who has told me that there is no information on the account, and I have even provided this information to Experian....who yet again tell me that as long as the account is marked as disputed under the FCRA there is nothing they can do.

I have tried to file a dispute with the BBB but all they sent me was a letter saying that they cant get involved in these types of disputes, and I need to contact the business whom I have the issue with....I am pretty much at my wits end. Any suggestions on what I can do next because I am pretty much at a loss on what my next move should be....

Thanks all for your time.

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