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What are my options post judgement


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Hi There,

I was sued by a collector for a credit card debt. The debt was mine I was hoping to pay it back but was unable to. The judgement was for the collector and after the judgment the attorney asked me to call the office to discuss a payment plan.

Well I tried but was unable to work out a payment plan with the creditor and 30 days have passed from judgment. I am in San Bernardino County - California and undcerstand that I can submit a request for payments form to the courts. Is it to late to ask the courts for a payment plan?

I found out on the courts website that an "abstract and writ" was returned by the courts because the amounts were incorrect.

I'm guessing the collector is trying to seize my accounts or property. Is there anything I can do to stop the writ if it was for account seizure, garnishments or property seizures while a payment plan is worked on?

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