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I need advice....I think I can sue CA under FCRA Part (A)(5)(B)(ii). Please Help.

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So here it is.....

I sent DIRTBAG CA settlement offer on 5-25-10 via CMRRR.

They signed for it 5-26.

They never contacted me.

I contacted them later on and negotiated a Pay For Delete with them.

I paid in person with money order, for which I still have the receipt.

I pay and receive deletion letter in person on 6-24-2010.

Account falls off credit report shortly after.

Account has just been re-listed with both TransUnion and Experian as of 8-16-2010.

I immediately called today and spoke to a man on the phone. He claims that after they removed it, they received notification that it was disputed - so they re-listed it?!?

I have every single piece of paper that I ever sent them or recieved.

Do I have a case? Can I get them under any other violations here?

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Well after further reading, I think I have the wrong violation cited above.

If I am correct, FCRA Part (A)(5)(B)(ii) applies to the Credit Bureau, not the CA, right?

But, can I go after the Credit Bureaus themselves as I received no written notice within 5 days (or at all) of the account being relisted?

Isn't there anything I can do? This can't be legal!

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