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Chase and Viking Collection A - Texas

Guest eyeta2

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Guest eyeta2

I have a Chase credit card with a balance of a little over $11,313 that has been charged off and sent to Viking Collection Agency. It was sent to them about 4 months ago. I live in Texas.

At my request, they have offered to settle this for $4,000, to be made in 3 equal payments of 1333.33 for the next 3 months. Their agreement letter says the following:

"As duly authorized agents for Chase Bank USA, we are authorized to settle your Chase Bank USA, N.A. account for $4,000.00. Not only will you have this account paid, but our client will report to the credit bureau that you have settled this debt.

Per our conversation, these funds must be in the form of 2 payments for $1,333.33 dated ............blah blah blah (dates listed), Our office must receive these payments no later than the dates listed.

Teri Gard

Account Representative"

In my letter that I originally sent to them, I requested these payments, plus 2 other stipulations, that they agree the collection agency will not put any comments on my credit report, and that this acct rep sign and also have a signature from another supervisor from Viking. When I talked to her on the phone, she stated that Viking does not report to credit agencies.

Any ideas on this? I still would like it in writing that they don't report to credit agencies and another signature on that letter. I am actually very happy that they have agreed to this settlement...but want to contact chase also to make sure that they will accept this payment and are not going to come after me later for the rest of the debt.


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