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what to do next?????

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hi all,

i answered the summons, general denials, and sent out the motion for discovery of production of documents to the plaintiff's lawyer and given them a timeframe of 30 days to answer. sure enough, by the 28th days, receive a whole package from them with the whole stack of monthly statement worth about 1 year and nothing else. i asked them for the application credit with bearing the defendant's signature, bill of sales, the person who know the original account, chain of custody, etc. they said that <due to extended available and applicable, will be supplemented.>???? other than that, they do not give me anything else....so what do i need to do next???? do i need to file for the motion to compel of discovery or motion to dismiss since they do not give me anything except for whole stack of computer printout monthly statement and not from a zero balance.....

please help me to figure out what to do next, since this is new to me....

i live in TX, the plaintiff is Palesades Collection and the lawyer that represent them is regent associates....

please give me advice, thankx all

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You do need to provide some more detail here. But generally a motion to compel right now would be a bit early. You need to tell them they have not complied with your request and detail what they need to provide. In many places you will have to show the court you have done this several times before you file a motion to compel. Make sure you tell them they need to authentica the documents they have provided since they are currently hearsay with no foundation.

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