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Double Reporting - Do I Have Leverage??


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Hi all,

If I'm posting this in the wrong area, can a Mod please move it?

So here the situation. I had a mortgage serviced through company A for a long time. This year, company B bought out company A's loan portfolio. My mortgage is in that portfolio.

In 10 years with company A, we had two 30 day lates about 6 years ago. However, with company B we are totally current with no lates.

They are both reporting TLs on my CR. I know this is okay, but company A is still reporting a balance - as is company B. Therefore, my CRs are showing that I owe twice the amount in Real Estate loans than I actually do. I was recently turned down for a home improvement loan because of this.

I know this should be a fairly easy fix, but I'd like to know if I have any leverage with company A here. Can I use their inaccurate reporting to get them to delete the two 30 day lates? Or get them to delete the TL?

What do you think? Are they in violation of FCRA?

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