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Plaintiff's attorney pulled my credit report?

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I got my Experian credit report and saw that BHLM pulled my credit report twice, one hard pull on 2/27 and then a soft pull on 3/1. Is there any permissible purpose under FCRA for the ATTORNEY of a creditor to pull your report? Even if there is, how could they justify needing to pull it twice in 3 days? If not, how can I use this to my advantage?

Just want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me so far! I am feeling much more empowered these days.

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people are going to say yes.

but it would be premature to answer that question because you dont know the real reason they pulled your credit report. most likely it was in the collection of the account. but unless you find out, you cant say for sure. it could be fore something unrelated to the OC.

but this is what i would do:

lets say you file a lawsuit and allege that a party (the attorney) did not have permissible purpose in obtaining your credit report. you cant just file the lawsuit and then force the other party to prove their permissible purpose. YOU have to establish what the PP was before you file the lawsuit.

dispute the pull and force them to provide you with a reason. once their reason is on the record, then you can see if their reason is one that is valid as per the FCRA.

ask them (or dispute it), let them tell you, and analyze if the reason they give is valid.

dear dirtbag loserattorney,

on xxxx you pulled my experian credit report. for what reason or purpose did you obtain my personal credit report.


my smiley face

something simple should do, hopefully others can draft a better letter than me

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Agree that you did not post enough info to make a determination. Normally an attorney pulling your credit is an automatic violation per the FTC, the ones that can get around that are the Debt Collection Law Firms if they are pulling for collection. If they are engaged in litigation or start litigation immeadiately afterwards, then they are toast since the FTC has said that it is impermissable to pull a report for the purposes of litigation.

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Sorry I've been so wrapped up in preparing for my answer to summons that I forgot not everyone else is LOL. BHLM are the attorneys representing CrapScum in their collection lawsuit against me, but they are also (per their website) debt collectors. As I said, they pulled the report end of Feb/beginning of March, got their affidavit in April, filed suit beginning of August supposedly as attorney representing OC. NO communication from them to me in the interim attempting to collect a debt.

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I'm curious about this myself, as I recently discovered (after the fact) that plaintiff's attorney pulled my CR the month before they filed suit against me. I found it odd, but assumed it was an asset check while they decided whether I was worth pursuing or not.

I would definitely like to know:

1. how one goes about issuing a challenge,

2. what the SoL on it is,

3. what/where the statue prohibiting it is under XYZ circumstances.

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I was reading somewhere and it might be on this site I can't remeber but it went something like this that in order for a debt collector to have a permissible purpose it would only be allowed when the debtor initicated the transaction that they must show proof of. I'll do a little research and get back to you. S.A.

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Hello Everyone,

I am in middle of discovery and found out debt collector attorney pulled a credit report on me.

Wondering what I should do. Should I send him a letter asking why he pulled my credit report? Want to give him something to think about :)

Also setting up framework for other actions.


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