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Cap1/Fred Hanna and Cobb County

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I'm being sued by Cap1/Frederick Hanna and am headed to the Cobb County courthouse THIS WEDNESDAY. I denied the claim during the answer phase, but didn't explain my electronically filed answer. Now I'm concerned.

When I received my summons, I had no idea what was going on. I had never received a letter from Hanna and Associates. I called Hanna and was told they didn't need to talk to me as I was outside my 30-day dispute window. I tried to explain I didn't know I had a dispute window and the lady kept asking for my social security number and bank account number to "settle my account". I told her I wasn't going to hand over $3000 without any proof of owing the money and she reiterated that I was outside the 30-day window.

I've searched websites all over the place and most of my research has shown that all I need to do is show up at court, and demand proof. Apparently FJH & Associates are JDBs and don't have proof. They are trying to compel the unsuspecting and scared to just pay up. Is this correct??

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is this for trial ?

did they attatch anything to the complaint when you received it ?

some states make them do this ... you should go to the courthouse and get copies of everthing they filed ... (this may cost you maybe 10 bucks or something) ...

if this is trial .. you will have to attack everything they have .. in the file

if they bring stuff with them to court ... and you don't already have this stuff ... ask for continuance to go over it .... so you can mount a defense ..

all states are different ... this is why I'm not too specific on anything ..

did you have a Cap1 account ? is it Cap1 on the summons and complaint ?

this is atleast a start for you


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I haven't had a single client pay Hanna yet.


If you're a Georgia trial litigator and you have a 100% kill ratio with the Hanna bastards there are folks here who would write you a check I'm sure. I just found a letter from the Hanna bastards Saturday from something they kicked with NAF.

I'd write you a check if you could send me links that would insure my time in Federal court because of diversity of jurisdictions would be time and money well spent.

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I don't want to violate this forum's TOS by appearing to use the forum for commercial solicitations. However, once I've made enough posts on this board so that I'm allowed to have a signature in my profile, you'll see not only my name, but also my office address. I share a zip code with FJH!

What is the nature of your claim such that you think it belongs in federal court? Are you aware that diversity jurisdiction also requires the amount in controversy be in excess of $75k?

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